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Our History

Our project began at the turn of the millennium when two marine biologists, Neil Anthony Sims and Dr. Dale Sarver, built a team in Hawaii that developed the breakthrough hatchery methods necessary to allow for the cultivation of difficult-to-rear marine fish larvae. This initial project, Kona Blue, pioneered the first integrated hatchery and open ocean fish farm in the United States. Its fish received rave reviews from chefs and consumers across the country.

In 2011, Sims and marine finfish veteran Michael Bullock founded what has now become the Kampachi Company. Their goal: take the Kona demonstration project to the scale necessary to meaningfully meet the growing worldwide demand for a reliable source of fish of the highest quality. Food entrepreneur Jorge Schmidt joined the team as CEO in 2017, bringing a fresh perspective, financing, and leadership to the project.

We started commercial operations in 2019, achieving the first Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Ikejime Quality certifications for the species. From our hatchery in La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico, we are now ramping up to become the world’s largest closed-cycle producer of Seriola rivoliana.